Telling your story

through raw emotion

I want to serve you with so much more than just photos but an experience. I want you to tell me all the details of your love story and how you fell in love. I want to know your favorite things to do together on the weekend, your love languages, how you interact, and your favorite things about each other. Because when we get to know each other like best friends, I am able to capture your story THAT much better.




ask me anything

Let’s tell your story







When I have my camera i try to capture every detail in a documentary style that will make you feel the moment for years to come. My goal as a photographer is to capture moments that you will share with your children one day and years down the road with your grandchildren. I always look for the moments that you will want to remember, the raw, unposed, in between moments that really capture the moment.

get to know me


I’m not here for the perfectily posed pictures. I’m here to get to know YOUR story so that I can photograph the way it actually FEELS.I am always up for a coffee date so we can chat about all the details of your love story and want you are passionate about when it comes to YOUR day. 


client love

“Jennifer did so amazing on our maternity photos!! Honestly they make me want to cry because they are anything I could’ve hoped for and then some! Pregnancy always wrecks my self love but THESE! These make me feel so beautiful and appreciative of this moment in my life!”

“I’ve actually never met a photographer where I LOVE every single pic that I’ve gotten, until I met you! Between our engagement photos and our wedding photos I literally couldn’t ask for anything more! You are so unbelievably talented and I am so so grateful!! I want to get married again (to Jeff of course) just so we can get more of your beautiful wedding photos!”

“Jennifer is amazing. I seriously cannot thank her enough!!!! OBSESSED is not even a big enough word! I freaking looooooooovvee our wedding photos and so does Jacob!I can’t stop looking at them! So many people are talking about them too!”